Dave and Debbie decided to work with the Ritchie team to build their home that would house their lakefront Okanagan lifestyle. Experience, quality, and transparency were key features that helped make their decision. Right off the bat we were faced with challenges regarding their uniquely shaped lot. They employed Cal Meiklejohn of Meiklejohn Architects Inc to take this odd “hockey stick ” shaped lot and form a contemporary home within. Stemming from her Peruvian roots, Debbie’s vision included a traditional South American inner courtyard which proved to be an ideal feature given the unique angles required. Our team came on board in time to help value engineer the design to maximize their wishlist into their budget. Some key features include:
  • finished concrete floors
  • radiant heating
  • Clear VG Douglas Fir doors and cabinets
  • Large expansive glu-laminated beams taking the interior to the exterior and supporting large overhangs
  • Statuary Marble bathroom
The home was a finalist in the 2012 BC Georgie Housing Awards in the Category of Best Custom Home under $750,000. We continue to have a valuable relationship with Dave & Debbie and always enjoy visiting the comfort of their home!


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