The values we stand for at this company is what makes it easy to be confident we’re providing the best possible building experience for the client.

While we work with clients in all stages of construction, our strength is in ‘design assist’ where we are involved in the early stages of planning by working directly with an architect or designer to determine the best way to achieve everything on a client’s wish list. By having us on board right from the beginning, our clients have a better experience since we represent their best interest every step of the way. As a premium contractor, we connect our clients with top architects, designers, and planners. We have strong affiliations with local suppliers and building officials, and we can introduce our clients to the right people to ensure that their home is built exactly the way they want.

We’re confident that the first thing you’ll notice about us is how interested we are in you. It’s a deeply held belief of ours that we can’t do our job well if we don’t know you well. Our objective isn’t to come ready with our own agenda on the first meeting, it’s simply to come armed with the expertise we carry in this industry and be ready to offer suggestions to help you build the home of your dreams.

From start to finish, our building process is an open book. We don’t have anything to hide. While that may sound like lip service, it’s important you know that clear and timely communication is a cornerstone to our process. When you have the correct information in real-time, it affords you the chance to make informed decisions. We make sure to consider the technical and design aspects of your project before presenting options. There’s no element of surprise at the end of the project. We also think it’s to your advantage to have an objective perspective during a process this personal. With so many options, there are moments that can be overwhelming and emotional. We’re here to present the facts and offer our unbiased perspective so you can have clarity in your decision making!

One of the more obvious areas where you’ll see our value for relationships and transparency is in our fixed fees. We fix our management fees based on the scope of each project in the spirit of keeping from upselling. It allows you to feel the freedom to change your minds as more options ineviteibly arise in the building process.

We’re sure you’ve heard horror stories (and maybe have some of your own) about the building process. You can rest easier knowing that our intentionality to this partnership doesn’t stop when you sign a contract. We’re committed to site cleanliness and organization so that you feel more confident in the messier phases of the process. We hand select craftsmen for all the little details that make your home feel so personal. Our team takes pride in executing the design elements that are important to you. The level of pride and respect you’ll find of our tradespeople is unmatched. It’s not uncommon for our clients to make special bonds with the trades. We welcome you to join us in what, we feel, is one of the most positive and satisfying work environments around.

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